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Feel the excitement of
custom made plugins.

Our community is filled with unique individuals, so why shouldn't our plugins be the same? Hysummit does not use a 1-size fits all plugin repository. Over 90% of our plugins are either created from scratch, or updated to fit our community's needs.

One of our most exciting features is the custom items on the server. We've replaced less used items such as chainmail armor and gold equipment with Obsidian and Emerald items. Be sure to use our resource pack to enjoy the natural and unique look.

Here are some of our many plugins:

  • Protection Stones
  • Emporium-Core
  • MMOStats
  • MobCapture
  • FundamentalsX
  • and more!

We have a Discord Server

Hysummit aims to be a community of people are are close and connected. We have Event-Planning, and Announements posted on a regular basis. We welcome all members to come and chat with us.

Meet the Staff

If you have any questions for us, drop us a message on our discord server, or see if we are online Minecraft.


Server Owner and welcoming Developer for our many server plugins.


Ambitious administrator who is also quite the jokester.


The man who's definitely got... an ample amount of ram on his computer, our latest Admin!


Friendly and generous moderator who enjoys helping the newbies.


An artist and a super friendly moderator. She's always happy to help the newbies!


We occationally have open applications to sign up for our many staff positions.